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Harvest/farming early alpha

2014-07-18 21:13:36 by Shayl

Hey! Are you interested in checking out and helping playtest the early alpha of my next harvest/farming style game? Sign up here:

Normally I'd get a game mostly done before opening it up for testing and feedback, but this time I wanted to try something different. If you're not at all interested in trying out a really early alpha of a game (broken/incomplete stuff, placeholder art) I'd suggest waiting a month, but if you'd like to help shape the development of a game from an early point then you should check it out.

It's a quick proof of concept done in a little under 3 weeks. The art is still mostly placeholders, and there's a ton more things to add. However, it's getting weekly/daily updates and I've set up a feature tracker and roadmap at for people to post/vote on suggestions, which I'll then implement into the game.

Also: If you are or know of an artist that would like to help with the game, please contact me!


2012-11-02 19:46:08 by Shayl

GRAIDKARUPACHI is live! Husband and wife collaboration, code by husband, art by me!

Check it out if you like shoot em ups and/or fun games!

Got art submit working!

2012-10-31 23:00:49 by Shayl

I can upload now. Just have to be patient and give it about 20 seconds to actually upload the art in the background, then you can hit submit. There may or may not be a progress bar that I don't see myself.

ARGH Can't Submit Art

2012-10-30 03:00:10 by Shayl

Why won't it work!?